Durum pasta

The highest quality pasta is obtained from durum wheat whose grain structure is hard, with a colourful intersection and high protein content. Pasta manufactured from durum wheat has a natural yellow colour without the addition of eggs, because of the higher percentage of beta-carotene in durum wheat. Such pasta has an excellent ability of keeping both its shape and strength while cooking.

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Egg pasta

Egg pasta is mostly used for soups, minestrones and light salads. The various forms of egg pasta make dishes both interesting and tasty.

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Pasta with additions

Pasta enriched with spinach and tomato is specific for the Mediterranean diet. Additions change the colour and taste of the pasta thus enriching the dish itself.
Pasta with spinach, known as green pasta as well as pasta with spinach and tomato known as pasta "tricolore" are a true gastronomic delight for the palate.

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