Cold pasta with chicken and vegetables

Pasta: Durum Snails

Ingredients: for 2 – 150 g chicken breasts, 60 g mozzarella, 180 g Tonka sour cream, 250 g Paštaria pipe rigate pasta, 100 g courgettes, a red pepper, 5 cherry tomatoes, parsley, cocoa butter, seasoning: salt, pepper


Fry the chopped chicken breasts in some cocoa oil. When ready, season the chicken and put it aside in a dish and leave it to cool. In the meantime cook the Paštaria pipe rigate according to the instructions on the packaging, then drain it and leave it to cool. Cut the vegetables into cubes and together with the sour cream add them to the meat. Add the cooled pasta and mozzarella, salt and pepper to taste and season with finely chopped parsley. Buon appetito with Paštaria!

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